Patricia Bonaldi

Our brand

Patricia Bonaldi, Brazilian born grew up in a country side town called Uberlandia. In 2003, Patricia opened a namesake multi-brand store while studying for a degree in law. Patricia began to receive requests for custom made gowns and quickly decide to create an evening wear line built with dedication to craftsmanship.

The detailed embroidery that has become synonymous with Patricia Bonaldi is not something easily found in Brazil. In 2005, Patricia founded a school in her hometown teaching women this artisanship providing them with a specific skill set and the tools to support their families. Today, the school employees over 400 women.

Stitch by stitch, Patricia’s evening wear collection evolved building recognition and distribution in Brazil and quickly transcending geography with presence in key global accounts. In 2012, Patricia’s bolder ideas began to take shape, combining tradition with contemporaneity and giving birth to the brand, PatBO.

PatBO incorporates couture techniques with a fearlessness to experiment; mixing materials, patterns and colors resulting in Ready-To-Wear and Swim collections.


grupo nohda

We are a fashion group formed by Brazilian luxury brands that have in common the creative talent and the mastery of know-how.

We have a passion for processes and a willingness to build fashion that expresses itself with soul and purpose.

Our history as a group begins in 2014, with the brands Patricia Bonaldi, PatBo, Apartamento 03 and Lucas Magalhães.

Our brands rescue the most traditional hand made techniques and transform them into contemporary creations full of meaning.

Our essence as a business is translated in our name Nohda comes from Noh, a Japanese term that symbolizes the junction of skill, form, and function.

We bring the enchantment of fashion to the real life.

Luccas Magalhaes