Winter 2017

About the collection

Patricia Bonaldi presents Winter Collection 2017, inspired by the organic curvilinear forms from “Art Nouveau” movement. As a result, embroidered dresses in stones arise, rich in meticulous details, remembering natural arrangements. Flowers, plants, curves and arabesques make up the collection, ensuring the elegance of the brand.

Dresses with ruffles and flowiness emphasize delicacy and lightness. The models that bring the mix of laces appear as new composition proposals. Highlight for the long dress on golden stones, inspired by the piece “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer” from Gustav Klimt.

"I've always liked French art and the way women dressed in the early twentieth century. I tried to add in this collection elements that are part of the style of the pieces from that time with characteristics of my brand. That's why I developed feminine pieces with a touch of Art Nouveau style. "

For the color chart, highlights are shades of red, green, blue and metalized nuances, in a light and feminine proposal. Tailoring pieces, such as shirts, cardigans, suits and tailleur arrive in sophisticated versions, accompanied by a cool and unpretentious mood.